Top Healing Cream Products

Burn Creams

Burn Creams are formulated to treat and heal minor burns, sunburns, cuts and scalds quickly and effectively. They reduce body fluid loss from damaged or burned skin to ensure optimum moisture levels required for proper skin regeneration and repair. They help relieve pain, cool, soothe and prevent infections.

Bruise Creams

Bruise Creams are gently massaged and absorbed onto distressed skin to soothe and calm bruising and skin discolorations. They contain a unique blend of natural botanical extracts to restore the skins natural barrier and speed the recovery of bruises, bumps, swelling and stiffness of all types of distressed skin.

Wound Creams

Wound creams contain excellent regenerating, anti oxidant, essential oils and anti inflammatory properties for ideal wound management to minimize scarring. They are effective on bedsores, pressure sores, burns, foot and leg ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, skin infections and skin abscesses providing infection protection and moisture control. These antiseptic cooling creams can be applied to superficial wounds or any type of minor wound at risk of infection. In addition wound creams reduce itchiness and redness that can be associated with eczema, dermatitis and extremely dry skin.

Hand Repair Creams

These multi purpose creams and ointments are clinically proven to restore smooth, healthy baby skin. These all natural, hypoallergenic creams can be used to treat and heal chapped cheeks, minor scrapes, scratches, diaper rash, baby eczema, cradle cap, chapped nose, hives, rashes and dry skin. They boost healing and cellular recovery, reduce redness and swelling and offer quick itch and pain relief. Their natural, hypoallergenic formula includes USDA Certified organic ingredients all scientifically proven to deeply moisturize, alleviate and heal baby skin. They reduce chafing and protect the skin from infection, boosting healing and strengthening the skin. Their natural, hypoallergenic fragrance free formulas minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

Pet Healing Creams

These healing creams are ideal for cuts, redness, rashes, hot spots and sunburn on bacterial and fungal infections, abrasions, skin irritations, lacerations, incisions, wounds, ear plaque, allergies, cracked hooves, mange, sweet itch, insect bites, nose, paws other skin problems and swelling. They are gentle, hypoallergenic, natural and completely non toxic so that if your pet licks the healing cream it will not harm them. These ointments provide protection in both hot and cold weather while working to relieve and restore dry, chapped, damaged, itchy, crusty, bleeding, flaky, or cracking skin. They aid in the repair and regeneration of canine wounds by creating new tissues so that the healing process can take effect quickly and safely. These pet creams soak completely and get absorbed into dry skin. As they consist of all natural products your pet will never be annoyed by itching or a burning sensation.